Guys, it’s time to wear corduroy again

corduroy fall 2015


The Fourth of July has come and gone and summer’s end is quickly approaching, but that doesn’t mean the fun has to be over.

The arrival of fall means no more weekends on the water. But this year, fall fashion promises some groovy new styles. Now is the perfect time to think about revamping your fall fashion. Break out your disco balls and lava lamps, fellas, because the 1970s are back. This year, London Fashion Week gave us paisley shirts, shades of brown and corduroy.

Read on in the Baltimore Business Journal to find out how to style corduroy this fall.

Here are the 5 worst fashion mistakes men make


Screenshot 2015-06-16 16.26.28

Men often ruin their style by making wardrobe choices that are too complicated.

Looking good doesn’t have to be difficult.

Many men ruin their look by making little mistakes with big consequences.

There are five common fashion mess-ups that men make; fix these for simple ways to improve your style.

Read more in Baltimore Business Journal

This Summer, the newest, ‘IT’ accessory is the silk knit tie


silk tie

Being a man is easy; being a gentleman takes a bit of skill.

Sometimes that skill is knowing what little touches will signal to the world that you’re on top of the times.

Seasonally, that means a slight wardrobe update.

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 The Rise of the Cobalt Blazer

At dinner, at lunch, between sessions, and grabbing coffee, delegates at SALT 2015, Wall Street’s biggest hedge fund conference, are rocking cobalt blue blazers.

Read more:

BI Cobalt





The 5 Items You Need to Transition to Spring

2 April 2015

Spring is fickle. It’s hard to know when it’s arrived to stay, which makes it hard for a gentleman to juggle every item of clothing he needs for the season.

Basically, the challenge is how to stay warm without looking like you’re still in hibernation.






Men, here’s how to shop for a coat or jacketburberry-camel-brown-wool-cashmere-long-coat-product-2-4946608-146863860-600xx1100-1650-0-0

29 Oct 2014

With fall here, it’s time to consider appropriate outerwear. Coats come in several shapes, sizes, and colors. Follow these tips when searching for your jacket wardrobe essentials.











Do you need a briefcase?

11 Aug 2014

Briefcases were created so that work could be transportable.  Newer technologies make it easy to do just that without carrying a million files with you everywhere you go, but that doesn’t mean that the briefcase is obsolete.  Read why in Judah’s latest post for the Baltimore Business Journal: “Men, here’s how to shop for a briefcase (yes, you need one)




JBD Client Sean Weppner Featured in Capitol File MagazineSean Weppner in Capitol File

June 2014

JBD Client was featured in Capitol File Magazine wearing a JBD original.  He was spotted at the 59th Annual Corcoran Ball.  Read about it on page 30 here.







Short Suit

Should You Wear a Short Suit?

18 June 2014

Summer brings a whole new season to dress for.  One trend showing up on the runway and in stores this summer is the short suit.  Should you go for it?

Judah addresses this in his latest post for the Baltimore Business Journal, “Guys, you can make the short suit work if you wear it with confidence.”





Now in Print: Judah featured in cover story of 10 to watch under 30!10 under 30Judah 10 under 30

28 May 2014

Judah Estreicher is featured in the cover story article, “b’s fifth annual 10 to watch under 30″, of the print edition of! To view it online, b the site can be found in the entertainment section of!







b-10 under 30 Judah Estreicher of JBD listed in b’s 10 people to watch under 30 in Baltimore!

27 May 2014

Judah Estreicher of JBD Clothiers is listed in today’s, “b’s 5th annual 10 People to Watch Under 30 in Baltimore“, and tagged as “the most creative and successful young Baltimoreans right now”.

Click here to read the write up on Judah and JBD Clothiers!


Audio recap of Judah’s Preakness special on today’s morning show on WBAL radio!

15 May 2014

This morning at 8:17am, Judah Estreicher of JBD Clothiers was a guest on WBAL radio 1090 AM, Maryland’s Morning News show with host Bryan Nehman. Listen here to the recap of the live segment!


Highlights from WBAL radio interview on Preakness fashion!

15 May 2014

This morning at 8:17am, Judah Estreicher of JBD Clothiers was a guest on WBAL radio 1090 AM, Maryland’s Morning News show with host Bryan Nehman. Here are the highlights on Preakness fashion if you missed it! Audio recap coming soon! WBAL maryland morning news

BN: Tomorrow, going out to the tracks and Saturday, people will be out there and want to know what to wear, especially for the guys… so normally for me at the Preakness, it’s usually just tee-shirt and a hat and y’know shorts because I’m in the infield; but if you’re in the grandstand, can  you just wear a suit, is that okay?

JE: Yeah, it is ok, but at the same time, this is one of those events where if you’re going to get an outfit specifically for an event, this would be the event to get the outfit for. If you’re going to wear a basic suit, I would try to get a suit where you can add some details to it, that way you can add some tradition of the colors of the Black-eyed Susan.

BN: If you get a custom suit, should it be some kind of loud suit that stands out, that is different than your typical navy blue or pinstripe suit or black suit?

JE: Since I do clothing, I like to be noticed, so of course I’m going to say that if you’re going to go custom you should do something that makes you noticed… specifically because you’re buying custom. People should recognize that it’s personalized.

BN: If you were to go with a woman, should you match your attire with what she’s wearing?

JE: I would find colors that complement each other.

BN: What about hats for guys, is it a necessity?

JE: I’m not a hat person, but if you’re going to go with hats, as a guy, a straw fedora hat would be great.

BN: I heard feathers are in, is that true and does that work for guys, or is it just a female thing?

JE: When it comes to fashion, when people ask me if they can pull certain things off,  I always respond by asking them if they believe that  they can. I definitely think that the feather look in the hat is a great look, especially because you can add color which can then bring you back to colors that can resemble the Black-eyed Susan.

BN: Tomorrow, Black-eyed Susan day, it’s going to be raining a lot in the morning. Does that affect your wardrobe choice at all?

JE: I wouldn’t change what I’m wearing, just wear colors that would be noticeable and bring an umbrella and a good looking raincoat.

BN: Any colors this year that are hot right now?

JE: I would say light blue, I’ll be wearing a very light blue suit with white buttons on it. Light colors, light grey, light blue, light green even.

BN: Thanks for joining us on Maryland’s Morning News. That was Judah Estreicher here telling us a little bit of fashion; he’s the founder of JBD Clothiers in Baltimore.


business insider plaid

JBD quoted in Business Insider today on wearing plaid this spring!

14 May 2014

Judah Estreicher of JBD Clothiers was quoted in today’s Business Insider article on wearing plaid this spring! “Plaid for spring and summer should look like the season — light and sunny colors and subtle,” said Estreicher. “Try plaid, windowpane and prince of wales patterns in neutral, sands, and stone colors. You can also add some pale greens, blues, and lavender to the season’s mix.” Read more here!




Preakness talk with Judah on WBAL Radio tomorrow morning!

14 May 2014

Listen tomorrow morning to WBAL Radio 1090AM at 8:17am! Judah Estreicher will be live on air talking about dressing for Preakness!



What to Wear to Preakness

13 May 2014Preakness grandstands

Here’s what everyone’s talking about with Preakness approaching… What to wear?? Judah Estreicher of JBD Clothiers addresses these concerns in this morning’s post for the Baltimore Business Journal in the article titled, “Men, here’s what you should wear to Preakness“. Judah lists 3 things to take into consideration when planning your Preakness outfit: Fashion, season and tradition! Click here to read more.



See Brian Billick dressed in JBD on the NFL Network!

05 May 2014

See Brian Billick dressed by Judah Estreicher on TV wearing JBD Clothiers for the NFL Draft on the NFL NETWORK!


Business Insider Quotes Judah Estreicher of JBD Clothiers on Double-Breasted Suits

23 Apr 2014

Business Insider Double BreastedBusiness Insider caught up with Judah Estreicher, founder of JBD Clothiers, for the rundown on how to pull off the double-breasted look this spring and summer. “The key with the modern double-breasted look, Estreicher told us, is that it’s shorter and slimmer than the traditional cut.” So forget that picture in your mind of your grandfather’s double-breasted jacket and think 2014 fashion catwalks and red carpets!

“You should be able to wear it casually in Spring and Summer too, so think lighter colors…” It seems almost irreverent to put the words “double-breasted” and “casual” together, but that’s the way to wear it this season! The trending look is the summer casual white or light colored blazer worn with seasonal slacks.

“But casual or not,” said Estreicher, “the double-breasted pitfall will always be the cut and fit. Look out for the bulk of the extra fabric and the boxiness of the shoulders. For best look and fit, consult with a tailor. This is a fit that can be more complex than the regular 1 button suit and will benefit from some expert advice and touch ups to the waist area.”

Have fun this spring and summer playing the gentleman that combines this age-old, time-honored tradition with modern casual trends!


Baltimore Ravens Center A.Q. Shipley loves his JBD tux!

08 Apr 2014

A.Q. Shipley, Baltimore Ravens Center, tweets about his man DK, custom clothier at JBD Clothiers! His tweet is featured in the Quick Hits section of today’s Baltimore Ravens news page. @dkjbd @jbdclothiers @aqshipley

ravens newspage



Torrey Smith’s Wedding Styled by JBD Clothiers on Cover of Baltimore Bride Magazine!

07 Apr 2014

Baltimore Bride magazine did an exclusive on Ravens wide receiver Torrey Smith’s wedding with his picture featured on the cover of the current issue! Torrey is looking sharp in his JBD Clothier’s wedding suit next to his beautiful bride Chanel. Listed under wedding vendors is GROOM: JBD Clothiers. Check out more pictures at Baltimore Bride online!

Baltimorebride coverTorreyBaltimore Bride GroomJBDClothiers

Why to use a Tailor for your Double Breasted Look this Spring

double breasted blazer BBJ

25 Mar 2014

Double-breasted suits are back in for Spring 2014! The Baltimore Business Journal just published Judah Estreicher’s latest article on why men should use a tailor when buying this trendy yet classy addition to their wardrobe. Click here for the full article on Judah’s 3 reasons a professional tailor can make some important differences in your double breasted look.







Actor and Client Vincent De Paul Featured in the Washington Life Magazine!

05 Mar 2014

Actor and client Vincent De Paul was featured in a 5 page spread as well as on the cover of the Spring 2014 issue of Washington Life Magazine. When asked about his style Vincent said, “I loved wearing the perfect tuxedo made for me by DC designer JBD Clothier by Yehudah (Judah) Estreicher for the Golden Globes.” Click here to read the full spread on page 30.

Washington life Vincent CoverWashington Life Vincent spread1


Washington Life Vincent spread2Washington Life Vincent spread3

Lighten up Your Suits for Spring in the BBJ!

05 Mar 2014


Men_suit BBJHow to lighten up your suits for Spring? Judah Estreicher of JBD Clothiers answers that question in his latest contribution to the Baltimore Business Journal! In the article titled, Why men should buy half-lined suits for spring and summer, Judah lists several reasons why half-lined suits are the way to go for the upcoming spring and summer seasons.

3 benefits of half-lined suits are listed as less sweating, less lining and less layers but where can these lighter suits be found? Judah writes that these jackets would not likely be found off the rack, since “Most manufacturers won’t make their suits with anything less than fully lined simply because the lining hides the less than pretty stitching that goes on inside the jacket”. It’s the custom tailors that will do that extra workmanship to make the inside stitches look good so they don’t  have to be completely hidden by a full lining.

At a custom clothier, not only can you choose what type of lining you want, but you can let yourself have fun choosing the color and pattern that you will feel good wearing!

Click here to read the full article.


The List Show: Judah Comments on 2014 Oscars!

04 Mar 2014

Thelistshow Oscars2014Judah Estreicher from JBD Clothiers commented on the 2014 Oscars on The List Show: Maryland Oscars Style Stars, which aired at 7 pm Monday night. Seen speaking on Skype from LA where he was for a pre-Oscars party, Judah said, “I was really impressed that even the outfits that might have been a little bit flashy or ostentatious were put together really, really well”.

The List Show highlighted some local Marylanders who shined on the Red Carpet, including Spike Jonze, John Waters and the cast of American Hustle, a movie based on the FBI Abscam sting which has its roots in Baltimore. About Spike Jonze, who won an Oscar for Best Original Screenplay for “Her”, Judah says, “the suit was very trim to him body, more of a European cut and he represented Baltimore in a really great way”.

Click below and go to 42 seconds in to watch the video clip of JBD Clothiers on TheListShow.TV!

Baltimore Bride: Torrey Smith’s Wedding!

05 Feb 2014

We just discovered this video clip in Baltimore Bride: Torrey Smith’s Wedding!

JBD Clothiers”

Baltimore Bride Torrey


Party-packed Golden Globes – The

the georgtowner vince


22 Jan 2014

Vince De Paul’s JBD tuxedo caught the attention of The Georgtowner and was mentioned in their Jan 15, 2014 article, “Party-packed Golden Globes“!

“Webster’s and Joyce Chow’s dresses were by Sue Wong; their friend and actor Vincent De Paul wore a tuxedo, designed by Judah Estreicher at D.C. area’s JBD Clothiers.”





Winter Must-Haves for Men in Baltimore Business Journal

21 Jan 2014


Judah Estreicher of JBD Clothier’s latest contribution to Baltimore Business Journal!

“Whether you are dressing for the office or for a casual day off, everyone wants to stay warm this winter while still looking good. Here are this winter’s must-haves for men:”

Included in this article are suggestions for dress boots that keep you warm and looking good, cashmere sweaters, tweed blazers and more!

Read on to find out more about Judah’s 5 must-haves for business men this winter!




Vincent De Paul at Golden Globes 2014 in JBD Tuxedo

12 Jan 2014


Vincent+DePaul+Weinstein+Company+Netflix+2014+c6xkGqH0vaxlVincent De Paul at The Weinstein Company & Netflix’s 2014 Golden
Globes after party on the red carpet wearing a tuxedo by JBD Clothier.   Vincent+DePaul+Weinstein+Company+Netflix+2014+CGQkIojJcedl“My tuxedo was designed by Judah Estreicher of JBD Clothier… It was a great success. Kelsey Grammer and many others commented on the sleek style… It was a beautiful Golden Globes 2014 with Elizabeth Ellen Webster.” – Vincent De Paul.


BBJ Podcast: Everything men need to know about fashion

06 Jan 2014

Judah BBJThe first Baltimore Business Journal Podcast of 2014 with James Briggs of the Baltimore Business Journal featured Judah Estreicher of JBD Clothiers!

“Judah Estreicher, the owner of JBD Clothiers Inc. in Baltimore, joins me in studio to offer fashion advice for men. Estreicher recently started blogging for the Baltimore Business Journal.”

Listen to the whole podcast here to find out everything men need to know about fashion, and check out our blog on the podcast here to get quotes from Judah and more of his fashion tips for men!



JBD Cufflinks featured in the Washingtonian Magazine!

cufflinks washingtonian

23 Dec 2013

A pair of JBD cufflinks are featured in the Washingtonian Magazine in the piece called, 15 DC-Made Gifts You Can Get Now. The blurb under it reads, “A little piece of luxury for the man in your life: a diamond-encrusted, pearl cuff link, sold by Maryland-based Judah Estreicher’s custom menswear brand. $675 at JBD Clotheirs”.

Shop for this pair of cufflinks and more right here on our site! Check out the JBD Clothiers new featured items which includes this and more of these beautiful white and Tahitian pearl and diamond cufflinks.



JBD Clothiers in Business Insider on 10 Misconceptions about Suits!


20 Dec 2013

“Our friend Judah Estreicher over at JBD Clothiers, a custom suit shop that outfits businessmen and Baltimore Ravens alike, clarified these fallacies for us.” Quoted from Business Insider article 10 Things Guys Think About Suits That Are Totally Wrong.

The article goes on to list 10 misconceptions and their realities including: business attire is always formal, loose clothing makes you look better or is more comfortable, custom clothing is extremely expensive and many others that you’ve always wondered about!

Read more to find out how Judah and JBD Clothiers clear up these misconceptions.


JBD Clothier’s article on What to Wear for Holiday Parties in the Baltimore Business Journal

16 Dec 2013

officeholidaypartybooze 304

Judah Estreicher, CEO of JBD Clothiers gives men 3 rules to follow when dressing for holiday parties in his second article as contributing editor to the Baltimore Business Journal.

  1. Don’t show up in the same clothes  you wear to work. But you can’t go wrong with “a well-tailored, dark-colored suit and a sharply pressed dress shirt. Or you can wear a tuxedo inspired jacket with details like a shawl collar, long lapel, or trimming”.
  2. Yes it’s a party, but remember to keep it professional. If it’s a more casual affair, “consider the ever-classic cashmere sweater that looks great at any time and can be dressed up or down”.
  3. Get in the holiday spirit, accessorize! “Accessorize subtly with a tie, necktie, pocket-square, cufflinks, or colorful socks. And to change your look from party to holiday party, choose seasonal colors and designs, though nothing too overtly holiday themed. Think red—it’s in this season as well as being a holiday color!”

Read the full article here.


Huffington Post Bio/Profile on Judah Estreicher of JBD Clothiers!

09 Dec 2013


The Huffington Post describes Judah in his profile as “the 28-year old owner and founder of JBD Clothiers, a local (Washington, DC/ Baltimore, MD) based custom clothing company which he started in July 2010.”

It also mentions that “Judah and his team have created custom suits for many of the best athletes and most powerful executives in the area as well as across the nation, including Ravens players Torrey Smith, Ray Rice, Joe Flacco, Frank Bramble (Bank of America) and Alex Smith (Ouzo Bay).”

Read more here!


Blog on Fashion Gifts by Judah Estreicher of JBD Clothiers on The Huffington Post!

09 Dec 2013


Judah Estreicher, owner and founder of JBD Clothiers was published on His first blog for Huffington post on December 9, was on the topic of Top 5 Fashion Gifts For Men.

In his list of suggestions, Judah includes colorful socks, cufflinks, a custom suit, a cashmere sweater and a gift of pocket squares.

Read more at the Huffingtonpost to find out all the details on the top 5 gifts for men this 2013 holiday season!

*** ***

JBD Clothiers on The List Show!

27 Nov 2013

On Thursday evening, November 21, The List Show featured a segment called Dress Like a Raven with Judah Estreicher of JBD Clothiers!

The list ABC

HOW TO DRESS LIKE A BALTIMORE RAVEN: This three game home stretch is going to determine the Baltimore Ravens season on the field. But off the field, the Ravens always dress for success and that’s thanks to Baltimore stylist, Judah Estreicher.

“It’s not about how flashy you dress. It’s not about necessarily how much you spend on your clothing. It’s about having your clothing fit properly,” said JBD Clothiers’ Judah Estreicher.

When it comes to some of his clients like Torrey Smith, Joe Flacco and Ray Rice, Judah says details give any man a wardrobe winning edge.”

Click here to see the video clip of JBD Clothiers on The List Show!


*** ***

JBD Clothiers Featured on ABC’s The List, Coming Soon!

08 Nov 2013

On Friday, Nov 8, 2013, ABC’s television cameras filled the JBD Clothiers Towson office to do the interview and photo shoot with CEO Judah Estreicher for their new trending show The List!

The list ABC

*** ***

JBD Clothiers CEO Quoted in the Wall Street Journal!

08 Nov 2013

Judah Estreicher of JBD Clothiers was quoted in the Wall Street Journal in their November article on Men’s Underwear: Mens underwear

Some fashion pros warn against wearing anything too baggy under a suit. “You don’t want to stuff a pair of boxers inside your dress pants. All that extra fabric will scrunch up inside and your tailored suit won’t look so flattering anymore,” says Judah Estreicher, founder of JBD Clothiers, a custom men’s clothier in the Baltimore-Washington, D.C., area.

Estreicher is one of many fashion pros to say that underwear shouldn’t be so expensive, regardless of cut or style. “You can get a good quality pair for $15-20, but anything over $50 you will just be paying for the brand,” says Estreicher.

*** ***

Judah Estreicher of JBD Clothiers in Baltimore Business Journal!

05 Nov 2013


JBD Clothier’s CEO, Judah Estreicher, is now a featured contributing writer to the Baltimore Business Journal! His first post was published on Nov 5, 2013 and is called, 3 Rules Men Should Follow When Packing for a Business Trip.

In this post, Judah writes about what rules he learned from his own travel experiences, including some dos and don’ts of traveling. He says to definitely bring along a stain stick and a travel size steamer. He also tells us what the most versatile suit and shoes are for traveling. And NEVER wear your suit jacket while taking a long drive. To read the rest of this informative piece, please visit Judah’s BBJ post!

*** ***

Judah Estreicher, CEO of JBD Clothiers, Quoted in Business Insider!

01 Nov 2013

The Gentlemen’s Guide to Buying Gorgeous Shoes Without Going Broke is an article published in Business Insider on November 1st that writes about the best shoes for men. Judah Estreicher, CEO of JBD Clothiers, was asked to comment on what’s trending for shoes!

“For this season it’s about the military inspired dress boot,” said Etreicher. “Double monk strap and wingtip are all styles which you can get away with dress or casual. In addition, people are wearing a combination of military inspired dress boot with wingtips.” For Estreicher, there’s nothing worse than “unkempt shoes with gaudy buckles while wearing a suit, or casual shoes with dress clothing.


*** ***

JBD Clothiers Featured in the Jewish Times!

31 Oct 2013

110113_The-Man-Who-Dresses-Baltimores-BestJudah Estreicher, CEO of JBD Clothiers, was dubbed The Man Who Dresses Baltimore’s Best in the Baltimore Jewish Times article of the same name. Featured in the Local News section of the October 30 issue of the Jewish Times, Judah is shown photographed next to racks full of JBD suits at his Towson office.

The article discusses Judah’s Baltimore upbringing and his entry into the world of custom suits. Judah talks about how he had to earn his stripes and worked hard to be where he is today. He also focuses on the incredible amount of opportunity that is found in Baltimore. At the end of the article, Judah quips, “If I meet you and you give me your phone number, I’m going to try to book you.”

*** ***

Ravens’ wide receiver Torrey Smith raves about JBD Clothiers in Baltimore Sun Article

07 Oct 2013

Baltimore Ravens’ wide receiver Torrey Smith raves about JBD Clothiers in the August 18 issue of the Baltimore Sun in an article that covered the fundraiser for BARCS.

“I have a guy who does some great custom suits, named Judah [Estreicher, of JBD Clothiers], a Baltimore guy. He keeps me looking good when I need to.” quote from the article “Pawject Runway” for BARCS – Torrey Smith in the Baltimore Sun!

Name of event: BARCS "Pawject Runway"Run date: September 8, 2013Reporter: Sloane BrownAssignment start: Monday, August 26, 201

*** ***

Best Dressed… and wearing JBD!

03 Oct 2013

JBD Clothiers is excited and proud that our esteemed client, Sean Weppner, was featured in the Best Dressed Guests: Our Favorite Looks From The Weekend article in Guest of a Guest, Washington, DC. Dressed to the nines in his JBD tux, he was photographed at the 1869 Society’s Fall Fête which took place in the Corcoran Gallery of Art, where the most fashionable of DC gathered to support the arts and socialize.

Sean Fall Fete

*** ***

Judah Estreicher comments on Mark Zuckerberg’s suits in Business Insider

20 Sep 2013
mark-zuckerberg-12Judah Estreicher of JBD Clothiers was asked to comment on Mark Zuckerberg in a suit and what he can do to step up his game in the September 20th issue of Business Insider. The article describes JBD Clothiers as “JBD makes custom suits and dresses clients like 49ers tight end Vernon Davis and Ravens Quarterback Joe Flacco”.

In the article, Judah and the other fashion designers agreed that Zuckerberg has been wearing “fused” suits. “A high quality suit, Estreicher pointed out, is put together with full canvas, which is horse hair.” They also discussed the fit of his suits. ”To make his suit more fitted,” Estreicher added. “I would take in the chest, half Girth (stomach)… measurements.”


*** ***

JBD Clothiers featured in the May issue of Baltimore Magazine!

10 May 2013

More exciting news from JBD Clothiers! We are featured in the May issue of Baltimore Magazine! We’re part of their “Charmed Life” section in a piece entitled “Modern Bespoke.” JBD Clothiers CEO Judah Estreicher was both quoted and pictured in the article. Our CEO Judah Estreicher talked about the convenience factor that JBD Clothiers provides to our clients. The article itself pointed out how custom tailoring is starting to catch on with the younger generations as the time it saves and the styles it provides are both essential and helpful to young professionals.

Don’t take our word for it, pick up or download the May issue of Baltimore Magazine today and read all about JBD Clothiers and the trend of custom tailoring.

modern bespoke pic scan

***  ***

JBD Clothiers sponsors the Ray Lewis Celebrity Golf, Bowling & Kid’s Fitness Camp!

02 May 2013

We have some very exciting news! JBD Clothiers is proud to announce that we are sponsoring The Ray Lewis Foundation’s Ray Lewis Celebrity Golf, Bowling & Kid’s Fitness Camp happening May 2nd-4th in Lakeland, Florida! That’s right, the two-time Super Bowl champion linebacker Ray Lewis will play golf, do some bowling and help kids get fit. He’s recently retired and coming off a spectacular Super Bowl XLVII win with the Baltimore Ravens. Here is the information for the remaining events:

  • Saturday, May 4th: Youth Fitness Clinic @ Kathleen High School, Registration 7-8:45 AM, Camp 9 AM-12 Noon


The Ray Lewis Celebrity Golf, Bowling & Kid’s Fitness Camp is poised to become the premier springtime fundraising event in Lakeland, Florida. And JBD Clothiers is proud to sponsor The Ray Lewis Celebrity Golf, Bowling & Kid’s Fitness Camp. The mission of the Ray Lewis Foundation is to provide personal and economic assistance to disadvantaged youth and families in distress. The Ray Lewis Foundation is committed to enhancing the lives of today’s youth and to serve the local community. We have been able to build programs in multiple areas, ranging from back to school drives, fitness clinics focused on childhood obesity, scholarship programs and summer camps for kids.
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JBD Clothiers Featured in HauteLiving.Com!

20 December  2011

Haute Living

JBD Clothiers was written up about in Haute Living in an article titled, JBD: Custom Clothiers Come To You. “JBD Clothiers is a custom clothing company that uses the finest fabrics—including Ermenegildo Zegna— to make completely unique high-end suits, sport coats, slacks, and formal and casual shirts for men. The clincher? They come to you.”